Member P(row)file: Verita Molyneaux

Meet Verita Molyneaux, a member of the “tough” class of the January 2017 Learn To Row. 

When did you start rowing, and why?

Verita MolyneauxI’ve always been the last picked in gym class and have never been part of a sports team before. Seems strange to say now, but I just assumed that my body wouldn’t perform well for organized sports. I signed up for Learn to Row last January (shout out to Diane!) and fell in love with it. Turns out, I can do this.

What’s your favorite EBRC story?

I felt so proud of myself heading out for the first row after joining the club team. We got off the dock, headed across the estuary, sat ready to row. And I realized I had the wrong oar. My boat sat while the coach took my oar, returned to the dock in the launch, got the correct oar, and brought it back to me. With no reprimand in her voice, she said “Verita, you will never do that again.” So far she’s correct.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from a coach (so far)?

Tiny changes day-in-day-out make all the difference. Focus, breathe, and get sweat.

What do you do when you’re not rowing?

I help folks resolve disputes. On the side I am developing a tool that uses technology to access architecture.

What has changed most in your life since you started rowing?

I am better at carving out time for myself.

How old are you right now?


Port or starboard?


Why do you row?

It makes me feel strong, flexible, and balanced. I like seeing tangible improvements in my stroke, my swing, and my posture.

Photo credit: Otto Wright

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